Appraisal and Evaluation

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Evaluation of nature conservation interest places a site, habitat or species into a local and national context and is integral to impact assessment. It can also be undertaken for:

  • feasibility studies and planning queries
  • site selection
  • resource inventories
  • protected sites and species confirmation
  • validation of site designations

Projects undertaken include:

  • Appraisal of land on the edge of Banchory to identify key ecological constraints and inform proposals for a housing master plan


  • Identification of ecological opportunities for the proposed ecovillage at Park Quarry, Deeside


  • Biodiversity assessment of old parkland and woodland habitats within proposed housing developments on the periphery of Dingwall


  • Identification of ecological issues for a proposed microhydro scheme utilising an old mill lade near Banchory in Aberdeenshire


  • Evaluation of woodland and open space habitat to identify sensitive areas for a proposed redesign of the Hazlehead Park golf courses in Aberdeen


  • Evaluation of species-rich grassland at an old claypit site proposed for housing at Cruden Bay in Aberdeenshire


  • Review of ecological issues for a site licence extension at Wester Hatton landfill, north of Aberdeen


  • Biodiversity assessment in support of a planning application for a proposed visitor centre at Tarves in Aberdeenshire